Resealing in Central Coast

Driveway resealing — Astrata Clean n Seal Driveway Restorations in Budgewoi, NSW

Surface Protection

With the right maintenance you can delay or even permanently avoid some types of damage from occurring to your concrete driveway. Astrata Clean n Seal Driveway Restorations provides professional concrete resealing services to restore concrete surfaces, resealing protects the colour and can even extend the life of the concrete. Based in Budgewoi, we service the Central Coast region from Gosford to Newcastle.

We use only high performance sealers and solvents to ensure your driveway or patio is well protected from harsh weather conditions, and the wear and tear caused by daily use.

Whether you have plain, stamped or decorative concrete on your garage floor, patio, path or driveway, resealing is the most effective way of preventing deterioration. Pressure cleaning and resealing with a clear sealer every 2-4 years is an essential step in ensuring the longevity and aesthetics of the concrete.

By pressure cleaning and resealing with a high quality sealer, you can keep your concrete surfaces looking their best for many years.

Protecting Concrete

In the same way sunscreen and sunblock are used to protect your delicate skin from the damage caused by the daily onslaught of the sun, applying a protective sealer to concrete surfaces protects those surfaces from weather elements and other factors that cause the surface to age.

The natural colour of concrete simply comes from natural oxides rubbed onto the surface and that tends to wear out in around 2-4 years, the deterioration happens faster without protective maintenance. Extreme weather conditions such as scorching heat, high humidity, heavy rain and hail create moisture that can penetrate the surface of concrete, eventually causing enough damage to make the concrete porous.

Having your concrete surfaces resealed creates a barrier that protects against the usual every day wear and tear, as well as the weather, pooling water and corrosive elements.
Tools used for resealing — Astrata Clean n Seal Driveway Restorations in Budgewoi, NSW
Resealing — Astrata Clean n Seal Driveway Restorations in Budgewoi, NSW

Preventing Slips

Many concrete sealers tend to create a slippery surface, making them dangerous, especially when freshly applied. At Astrata Clean n Seal Driveway Restorations we have a non-slip solution available, creating a safer non slippery surface.

Each driveway surface is different, we can talk you through the process including the associated benefits and any potential risks, prior to commencing work. We always work to industry best practices. Registered and fully insured, we operate under licence number 238239C

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Frequently Asked Questions


How often should I reseal my driveway?
Factors such as concrete texture, sun exposure and foot and vehicle traffic, can cause your driveway to wear out and the colour to fade. In general, experts recommend a reseal every 2-4 years. When a recoloured surface is maintained correctly, it can last 7 years or more.
How long should I wait before I can walk or drive on my driveway?
Are there scams around resealing driveways?